Why Choose Iceland Frozen Foods

Anglo Foods has great pleasure in providing you with ICELANDS ingenious idea - Roast from Frozen joints, they have proven to be a real winner in the UK.

All you need to do is take them straight from the freezer and pop them in the oven, it couldn't be any easier!


Advantages of Frozen Food

Freezing foods such as newly harvested vegetables and fresh meat preserves and prolongs its freshness locking in all their nutrients, flavour, and colour.  This will result in the food having a delicious taste and texture everytime when cooked.

Frozen foods can be stored for a much longer period than food kept in a fridge.  Therefore you can have your seasonal or favourite foods all year round at affordable prices.

Frozen foods can offer greater flexibility and simplify meal preparations.  It offers a quick and easy solution of providing nutritious meals.

Being able to store frozen foods for a much longer period than fresh food can save you work, time and money with fewer trips to the shops and reduce wastage.

Freezing food does not sterilize it but does significantly reduce the growth of harmful micro-organisms.


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