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Anglo Foods is a business in the South of Charente Maritime providing the British people in France with their very much missed groceries from the United Kingdom. We are also an agreed distributer of ICELAND Frozen Foods and suppliers of well-known British products.


As a family of ten we would individually take frequent trips back to the UK to see various family members and friends, and also to stock up with some of the essentials that we missed from the U K.

We realised, however, that whilst we bought the freshest possible UK products, they didn’t always travel/arrive very well. Once, in winter our Christmas supply of double cream split, due to too-cold temperatures. In warmer times (driving down France in hot weather) our sausages, bacon, cheese etc. (despite being in cool boxes), could occasionally arrive in a “suspect” condition. Sadly, some of those products would have to be consigned to the bin. It became obvious – it’s just not possible bring some fresh products, especially meat, over from the UK to France and guarantee their optimum condition.

We realised there would be some other ex-pats having similar problems and we eventually decided to see if we could find a solution to this, which, at the same time might benefit like-minded people.

Over a period of months we sourced bona-fide suppliers, beginning with Iceland. The next step was finding transport companies that could bring food over safely. When we knew this was possible, we took the next big step and applied for the necessary French Food Licence. This was achieved and then, in order to trade legally, we obtained our Siret number. With these documents, together with our obligation to be meticulous with regard to food safety, we could guarantee our conformity to European Food Standards’ strict regulations.

With all of this verified, we are now legally (ever since our first transaction day in November 2010) and confidently able to trade here in France. We are an agreed distributor of primarily, Iceland Frozen foods, but also many, many other brands, which we continue to review on a regular basis.

We receive regular palletised deliveries by accredited food delivery services. To ascertain when the next delivery is due, please sign in via our website www.anglofoods.com for regular newsletters. 

We have our temperature dependable (chilled up to 5 degrees, frozen -18 degrees, ambient 8 degrees) products delivered to us, adhering to the EU regulations detailed on the following website http://www.food.gov.uk/multimedia/pdfs/rshrhotandcold.pdf . This ensures our products reach you in optium / safe conditions. Thus, we adhere to our CMR regulation (the key road transport documentation) policies to safely provide the goods in our shop






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